Botanical Harmony Farm

Website: botanicalharmony.com

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We are a family of folks who are raising ourselves and animals with permaculture in mind. Holistic farm and family with chickens, Nubian and Nigerian Dwarf goats, Irish Dexter cows, tons of herbs and veggies, fruit, guineas and ducks!
Botanical Harmony is an all-natural cold-process, goat milk soap and body care extension of the farm. Many of the herbs used are organically grown or wildcrafted in unsprayed areas and
constantly strive to learn more about the plants in our area to use for food, medicine and beauty. We are working towards 100% organic ingredients and use minimal packaging! Thank you so much for supporting our family farm and business!

Please check our website for updates on other products that we raise, provide, gather or create! Sourdough artisan breads, culinary and medicinal mushrooms are coming soon (winter 2014-15) and an ever growing herbal arsenal.

Instagram: botanicalharmonyfarm

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